Foundation Brush



Luxury at your fingertips – this soft, ultra-fine brush is tightly bound for the ultimate professional foundation application. Perfect for liquid, cream or powder foundation, this double-duty tool beautifully covers and blends for a uniform finish.

Powder Foundation: Pick up foundation with brush and gently sweep onto face.

Liquid or Cream Foundation: Place a dot of foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (5 dots total) with fingertip, then blend with brush.

Cheeks and Forehead: Sweep from the center and work outward, then reverse direction. Repeat with gentle brush strokes in both directions to blend in foundation.

Caution Statement:
Use the brush only when dry.
Do not use brush with a powder foundation immediately after using a liquid or cream foundation as it may impact performance.

After use, wipe the remaining foundation from the brush with a clean tissue.
To clean, place warm water in a container such as a cup, dissolve a small amount of a neutral detergent (e.g., shampoo). Soak tip of the bristles, then wash gently by stroking bristles.
Fill container with clean, warm water. Rinse brush well, drain, and apply a dry towel to remove excess water. Lay brush on its side and allow to completely dry (do not dry bristles face up).
Do not immerse brush completely in water.
Once completely dry, store in travel case.

Made of PBT for ultra-fine, uniform thickness and length. Vegan.

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