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Vi-Fusion Vitality

A ritual of pure vitality for ageless skin. At the heart of each product is our proprietary Decorté Vi-Fusion™ elixir, a triad of actives that strengthens, regenerates and empowers skin to new resilience.

A Triad of Actives

A Triad of Actives


Sharing the biological make-up of the body’s natural cell membrane, Aqueous Algin-Mesh™ forms a breathable barrier on the skin. It softens and cushions the skin on contact, holding onto moisture to create a lasting resilience.

The result is a stronger dermal structure and barrier that helps protect skin against both internal stress and strengthen immunity to the ever-growing array of environmental assaults.



Inspired by a centuries old Japanese custom of bathing in naturally volcanic, geo-thermal waters – Decorté laboratories have engineered onsen water, a soluble, alkaline complex that immediately balances the skin.

These nutritious waters infuse skin with potassium, magnesium, sodium and other vital elements in micro-sizes that won’t stress the skin or cause further inflammation. Regenerating the skin accelerates its ability to heal, rebuild and renew, keeping it safe from the stresses and toxins of everyday life.



Deep below the epidermal layer of the skin lie Progenitor Cells, essential building blocks to skin’s structure and support. As we age their efficacy slows, leading to atrophy and thinning of the skin.

Decorté Labs have developed the Pro-Density Network™, a patented formulation that empowers these cells to achieve their full potential. Deep within, skin rebounds with new architecture and extreme support.

Onsen Water -
The Secret Behind Vi-Fusion

Onsen water is one of the core ingredients in the Vi-Fusion line. It comes from the geo-thermal volcanic waters that infuse skin with magnesium, potassium, sodium and other vital elements in micro-sizes that won’t stress the skin or cause further inflammation.

Its permeable, micro-minerals supplement intra and extracellular concentrations to facilitate with cellular communication and metabolism for a healthy state of repair and renewal.